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Youth-led nature recovery

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Our Dual Mission

1. Accelerate the nature recovery in the UK 

2. Involve young people in the process and the movement 

Why it's important

The problem: The UK's ecological health is in the bottom 10% on Earth and Over 80% of UK young people are eager to take action to help the environment but only 1 in 5 believe they are being listened to on environmental issues. 

Our approach - We aim to tackle the UK's dire ecology and young people's inexcusable lack of substantive involvement in the solution simultaneously. By working with landowners and partner organisations, we facilitate small-scale youth-led nature recovery projects across the UK which deliver benefits for wildlife, biodiversity and the climate. All of our nature recovery projects are conceived, designed and delivered by young people aged 18-30. We provide young people with practical experience in nature recovery work, an opportunity to feel more connected to nature and to have a real say in conservation decisions. We also run a experimental mix of youth engagement activities including our yearly Youth Rewilding Summit 'Resurgence' and our magazine Overgrowth

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