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Our Approach

Youngwilders has two goals and two lines of work in response to them: 

     1. To accelerate the rewilding of the UK 

We achieve this through facilitating small-scale, youth-led nature recovery projects across the UK. Read more here

     2. To involve young people in the rewilding movement 

We achieve this by maintaining youth involvement as a core priority of each aspect of our projects, while also running an experimental mix of other engagement approaches including rewilding workshops, our yearly Youth Rewilding Summit and our magazine.



The philosophy that informs our approach to wilding is something we've dubbed 'DIY-ilding'. It prioritising participation, information sharing and empowering young people. DIY-ilding serves as a call to action and a statement that the rewilding movement is open to all. It serves as a message to ourselves and other like-minded young people in the UK that we don't need to rely solely on big players to fund professional, large-scale, profit-prioritised rewilding projects. We can connect landowners with smaller plots to local young people to create a countrywide mosaic of youth-led ecological projects, that don't just restore nature and absorb carbon, but give young people an opportunity to learn, to have our voices heard and to actively engage in the process of nature's restoration, and in doing so, help cultivate and energise new generation of environmental stewards. 

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