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Job Opportunites

Youngwilders is a very small team but with big ambitions to grow as an organisation over the next few years. Job listings will be posted below when they become available. 


If there aren't currently any suitable open positions, please check back soon. We are always excited to hear from people who may be interested in getting more involved in the running of Youngwilders. Please get in touch if this sounds like you and we will keep you updated as positions become available. 


Youngwilders Summer Intern 2023

Key Details 

Salary: £800 + Expenses
Working hours: 1 day (7 hours) per week, specific day flexible
Contract type: Fixed term 8 week contract commencing July 31st  
Location: Remote, UK, willingness to travel to SE/London preferable 
Application close date: July 16th 2023

Youngwilders are looking for a summer intern in August and September 2023 to help us deliver our range of youth-led nature recovery projects across England. Specifically, the intern will: 

  • Develop a programme of ecological activities for multiple volunteer efforts; 

  • Review and help develop ecological restoration project plans; 

  • Help organise and deliver our annual youth rewilding summit at the Knepp Estate;

  • Undertake local outreach and preliminary ecological investigations surrounding our early stage projects; 

  • Carry out in-person ecological work in the South-East of England (non-compulsory);

  • Help us implement a new volunteer management system; and 

  • Contribute to fundraising proposals. 

The internship is quite an all-purpose role which can be tailored to suit the specific interests of the successful applicant. 

Experience / skills required

This internship is well suited to those who are interested in a career in conservation, environmental work, nature education, rewilding, or any associated field. We hope that as a summer intern, you will gain varied and highly applicable skills and experience to deliver nature recovery work and nature-based education programmes. We are looking for a candidate that:

  • has a strong interest in Rewilding, wildlife conservation, environmental science, and/or nature connectedness, youth engagement, nature education;

  • is comfortable working independently on tasks remotely as well as part of a team;

  • is comfortable visiting a field site and/or speaking with members of the general public;

  • has good writing and communication skills;

  • is proactive and enthusiastic; and

  • has competent IT skills.

The role will require access to a personal computer and reliable internet, please get in touch if you have any problems in this regard and we will try to accommodate.

Working with Youngwilders 
Youngwilders was established in early 2022 as a non-profit organisation focused on accelerating the rewilding of the UK and involving young people in the movement. We do this through facilitating youth-led ecological restoration projects across the UK, as well as a mix of experimental youth-engagement and platforming programmes oriented around upskilling, energising and amplifying the voices of the next generation of environmental stewards. We currently run 8 active small-scale youth-led nature recovery and rewilding projects across England and an annual youth rewilding summit held at the Knepp Estate. 

The Youngwilders team is made up of a group of young friends with a shared vision. Presently, we have two full-time members of staff who together lead the day-to-day running of the organisation. They are supported by three others, making the core team of five. We are supported by wider group of 100+ volunteers who provide invaluable support and time to our projects.  

Terms and additional information
The internship would be one day a week for a fixed term of 8 weeks, commencing the week starting the 31st of July and ending the week commencing 18th September. The day of the week worked would be flexible and agreed in advance. The position would be remote, with some opportunities for in-person site visits, but this is not compulsory. Youngwilders will also be running some weekend volunteer efforts in this period, which if the Intern can attend they would be paid for an additional day of work, availability for these days is again not compulsory. Lastly, some weeks, particularly towards the end of tenure, may present the opportunity for an additional day of paid work during the week. This would be optional and can be dealt with ad hoc.  Each working day would be for 7 hours full time work, with a salary of £100 per day. 

How to Apply
To make an application, please send a copy of your CV to by July 16th. We will reach out to suitable candidates for a short 20-minute interview in period 17th- 28th of July. Thank you for your interest in this position, we very much look forward to receiving your application. 

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