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Summer Internship 2024

Key Details:

  • Pay: £100/day + expenses 

  • Working hours: 1-2 days a week, 7 hour day(s), specific day(s) flexible 

  • Contract type: Fixed term 8 week contract, commencing July 29th

  • Location: Remote, UK, able to travel to London and SE 

  • Application close date: End of day July 19th

The role: 

  • Helping organise young people's nature events, particularly Overgrowth at the Knepp estate September 14-15th

  • Providing input on nature recovery plans 

  • Helping with outreach work, getting underrepresented young people involved in the nature recovery movement

  • In-person ecological work (e.g. invasive species management), this is not compulsory! 

  • Helping with social media output

The role is flexible and can be partly shaped by the interests of the candidate.

How to apply: 

To apply you need to send the following two things to Jack at by end of day July 19th: 

(1) CV 

(2) A 2 minute video answering the following questions: 

  • Describe a time when you've brought people together

  • Who would most want to speak at our nature summit in September and why?


We'll be back in touch Wednesday July 24th with our response. 


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